GCHS Robotics Team Advances To World Championships

Team members Maria Santos, left, Stephanie Wang, Faith Short, Wenzhen Jian, Savannah Ma and Cristina Seoylemezian.
(Photo courtesy Garden City Public Schools)

The Garden City High School Robotics Team is heading to the World Championships in Dallas this May after successfully competing at the New York State Vex Robotics Championship on March 12.

At the state championship, the team placed eighth out of 57 teams to gain a playoff spot in the elimination-style tournament. While the team did not win the overall championship, members had the opportunity to interview with the judges and win the Amaze Award, which is given to the team judged to have an amazing, well-rounded, top-performing robot. As a result of the award and the top eight performance, the team received a bid to the World Championship.

The district congratulated the team members who all played a part in the competition – whether they worked on building, coding or driving the robot – Wenzhen Jian, Savannah Ma, Maria Santos, Cristina Seoylemezian, Faith Short and Stephanie Wang.
This marks the first time in the team’s seven-year history that it has qualified for the World Championships. At this next stage, more than 1,600 teams from 41 countries will compete.

—Submitted by Garden City Public Schools

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