Fatal Car Accidents — A Tragic Weeklong Result Of Daylight Savings Time


Daylight Savings Time (DST), a policy dating back to World War I to save energy, is an opportunity to get more light during the evening and less light during the morning. This makes days feel longer as we approach the summer months. This biannual event has become quite controversial recently. It’s no mystery why many people hate when DST begins in March and deem it as an unnecessary nuisance with research suggesting the amount of electricity saved is negligible.

According to research out of the University of Colorado Boulder, in the week following DST, fatal car accidents in the United States spike by 6 percent, resulting in about 28 additional deaths each year. Over the 22 years of data analyzed, 627 people died in fatal car accidents associated with the spring shift to daylight saving time. Losing an hour of sleep can impact the ability to make safe choices while behind the wheel. DST can cause many motorists to drive fatigued. The lack of light in the morning can also impact safety. With this known, drivers should practice extra caution.

What to do if involved in a car accident?
• Check oneself and passengers for injuries
• Get to safety
• Call 9-1-1
• Document the accident and exchange information
•Take photographs of the vehicles involved and the scene of the accident

“Consistent warmer weather is approaching and COVID restrictions are virtually obsolete in many places,” said Ronald Ingber, the managing partner of Siler & Ingber, LLP in Mineola. “The result is an increase in drivers on the roads. People must know the unseen effects that DST may have, to prevent a catastrophic accident. It is not safe to operate a motor vehicle while fatigued from losing sleep.”

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