Bridge Strikes In The Village Continue


Last year, there were a total of 29 bridge strikes in the village. The Garden City Police Department reported five bridge strikes in two weeks during December alone. Although clearance height signs, including solar power units, are clearly marked in the area and the site of Long Island Rail Road overpass bridges, incidents of bridge strikes continue in the village.

On Dec. 10, officers investigated two separate incidents on Cherry Valley Avenue where a truck struck the train trestle. Both drivers were charged with disregarding bridge clearance signs. That same day, officers responded to Chestnut Street where a vehicle struck that train trestle. That driver was also charged with disregarding bridge clearance signs. A week later, a truck struck the Cherry Valley Avenue train trestle. The operator was charged with operating the truck without a commercial vehicle license, and disregarding bridge clearance signs. Then, on Dec. 24, a tractor trailer struck the Cherry Valley train overpass. The trailer sustained extensive damage and its contents spilled onto the roadway. The driver was charged with disregarding bridge clearance signs.

For safety issues, it is always recommended that commercial vehicle operators use a commercial GPS system, as illustrated on, which states Consumer GPS devices/apps generally do not warn drivers of restricted roads, low bridges or other information relevant to commercial motor vehicles.

Village’s COVID Protocols

Masks/face coverings are required within all indoor village facilities regardless of vaccination status. This New York State Department of Heath determination is based on its evaluation of the current COVID-19 numbers and is in alignment with recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Masks/face coverings are required to be worn by all persons over the age of 2 and those medically able to tolerate a face covering/mask. The New York State COVID protocols were also in effect at the Jan. 13 Board of Trustees meeting. Participants wore masks regardless of their vaccination status and social distanced.

Village Asks Residents For Cooperation During Snowstorms

Looking ahead to the possibility of future snowstorms, the following suggestions are offered in an effort to reduce inconvenience to residents and to assist the village in serving your needs. If possible, wait until the village plows the street to clear the snow from your driveway entrance. If you can’t wait, shovel or blow the snow onto your property. Do not shovel or blow snow back into the street. When you hear that a storm is expected, move your car off the street into your driveway. This will speed up the plowing operation and make the streets safer for travel. Park your car, or cars, as close to the end of the driveway as is safely possible. This eliminates the need for shoveling the entire driveway to free your car when the storm has ended and the roads are safe to travel.

If you are unable to shovel snow or are going to be away, make arrangements to have the snow cleared from your sidewalk. Please remember that you are responsible to shovel your sidewalks within 24 hours after the storm. This will be enforced by the police department. This is also applicable to the business community. Please clear snow away from all hydrants so that the fire department can reach them without delay. Also, make sure that the snow is not blocking the address number to your house. To facilitate safe garbage collections, a clear path should be made from the sidewalk to where the garbage is kept. If this is not possible, it is suggested that the garbage be carried to the curb for pickup.

—Submitted by the Village of Garden City

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