They Sprang Into Action To Save A Life

From left: Legislator Laura Schaefer, Dan Como, Marisa Martino and Superintendent Christine Finn. (Photo by Frank Rizzo)

Carle Place hero teachers recognized

Carle Place School District teachers Dan Como and Marisa Martino were recognized at the Aug. 2 meeting of the Nassau County Legislature. Legislator Laura Schaefer (R–Westbury) used legislative personal privilege to laud the teachers for saving a student’s life at a track meet back in June.

Carle Place Superintendent Christine Finn spoke before the assembled in the large meeting room and read a letter from the student’s parents, Tracie and Nicola, who were away and could not attend the meeting. The district declined to supply last names.

“Dear Mr. Cuomo and Ms. Martino, words cannot thank you enough for your quick presence of mind in the handling of our daughter’s medical emergency at the track meet at North Shore [June 10]. Both of you sprung into action and the EpiPen was administered quickly and Francesca felt better. No further treatment was needed at the hospital and our daughter was discharged after three hours. You also kept our other child calm and supported her as well.”

The parents went on to praise Como—the middle school coed track team head coach—and Martino, his assistant, for “their speedy reaction and taking charge of the situation” and singled out Como for “utilizing his medical background and keeping the girl calm and relaxed. Dan, you made the right call and kept your cool under tremendous amount of pressure. Our daughters enjoyed track very much this year and look forward to participating in it again next year. What a way to end a great year.”

Schaefer stated, “Thank you for springing into action the way that you did. Everything has been so difficult, especially for our teachers and superintendents over the last year-and-a-half. It’s just wonderful to know that there are people working in the school districts who have this kind of emergency training and who could do something like this and save a student.”

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