Assumption Feast Rises Again


The pandemic in 2020 reduced Westbury’s annual Feast of the Assumption to the traditional Mass at St. Brigid Church and a short procession. The 111th edition, held Aug. 13-15 at Dell’Assunta Society parking lot, was a return to the festivities of the past. It was sponsored and organized by Maria SS. Dell’Assunta Society of Westbury

“The feast was scaled down compared to pre-2020, but more than last year,” said Society member and photographer Michael Lettera. “We had good attendance at Mass and feast evenings.”

In addition to honoring the Blessed Mother, the feast delivered Italian food, rides, a casino and an auction. According to its website, “This benevolent society was originally founded in 1911 by Italian immigrants from Durazzano, Naples, Nola and Saviano. The founding members wanted to preserve both their Italian cultural heritage and Catholic religious traditions. For over a century the Dell’Assunta Society has proudly honored the Blessed Mother and contributed to many charitable causes in both the Roman Catholic Church and in our local community.”


—Submitted by Maria SS Dell’Assunta Society

The Society’s headquarters on Maple Avenue in Westbury. The feast was held in the parking lot behind the building. (Screenshot)

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