Courtney Rosenblatt Achieves CMFO Designation


Village Auditor Courtney Rosenblatt has qualified for the Credentialed Municipal Finance Officer (CMFO) designation. As a member of the New York State Society of Municipal Officers, Rosenblatt has the opportunity to undergo additional training related to her field. Earlier this year Rosenblatt also earned the Government Finance Institute Foundation accreditation and expects to receive the advance level accreditation this fall.

A longtime resident of Garden City, Rosenblatt was appointed to the role of village auditor in July 2016. The village auditor serves as a member of the management team, conducting independent regular reviews of the departments through the observation of the operation of internal controls and procedures by way of the claims auditing process. These reviews are intended to assist the village in assessing the effectiveness and efficiencies of the various departments and developing recommendations to improve performance and controls.

Rosenblatt also holds the title of Secretary to the Board of Trustees through which she is tasked with leading Human Resources. Personnel-related costs reflect approximately 70 percent of the annual fiscal budget and Rosenblatt’s team is tasked with the administration of employee benefits programs, payroll and the collective bargaining agreements. Rosenblatt’s roles have been expanded over her tenure to align the goals of the office with those of the village by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

Mayor Cosmo Veneziale, on behalf of the entire Board of Trustees, extends his congratulations to Rosenblatt on this achievement.

“It is nice to see we have such dedicated employees who go above and beyond to master skills related to their respective fields,” Mayor Veneziale said.

—Submitted by the Village of Garden City

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