Village Board of Trustees To Meet In Person


 Slated for Thursday, August 6 at 7:30 p.m.

The upcoming Village of Westbury Board of Trustees monthly meeting will be open to in-person attendance, with strictly limited-occupancy permitted: first-come, first-admitted.

All visitors are required to use the village hall entrance at Lincoln Place and Madison Street and to sign-in, wear face masks, and maintain social-distancing protocols at all times.

The village is still offering residents the option to participate via remote teleconference. To do so, call 712-770-5505 and when prompted, punch access code 597-516-563.

Before speaking, wait for Mayor Peter Cavallaro to open the meeting to public comments and questions from the public.

Please be advised that while the “Meet the Mayor” hours are suspended until further notice, the mayor can be reached by email at

“Thank you for your understanding during these unprecedented and challenging times,” Cavallaro said in a statement.

—Submitted by the Village of Westbury

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