Open Air Westbury Farmers Market Returns


Beginning this June, Samanea New York is welcoming back the Westbury Farmers Market every Thursday and Sunday between 7:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. with an open air selection of food, produce, and treats offered by vendors from across the island that will delight the senses, consistent with social distancing protocols approved by the New York State Department Agriculture.

Samanea New York Marketing Director David Ackerman stated, “We are excited to announce the return of this fabulous open air market that combines great food, good fun and the ability to shop local while adhering to the social distancing protocols that protect all of us.”

To ensure everyone’s safety, the Westbury Farmers Market embraces New York State public health protocols for open air farmers’ markets that include:  no sampling of the offerings; all vendors and customers must wear face masks at all times; all vendors will wear gloves and will hand over items selected for purchase as customers will not be permitted to touch those items; all vendors will be at least six feet apart; customers will need to practice social distancing when visiting the market; and pre-orders will be available for pickup.

Mr. Ackerman observed, “These regulations not only protect the farmer and the customer, but by adhering to them, allow for the return of a tradition that celebrates a great selection of food from a variety of vendors, our Long Island agricultural heritage, and the restart of an economy that will depend on everyone’s cooperation.”

Among the vendors who will arrive at Samanea New York are Red Terry and Son Farm, Conklin Farm, Sal and Jerry Stuffed Bread and Baked Goods, Hormans Pickles,  Arlotta Olive Oils, FV Jules Catch of the Day,  J.K. French Pastries, Jessy Empanadas, Corinne Kitchen Baked Goods, Passionate Chef, Grace’s Jams and Fresh Juices, Baked Goods.

The Westbury Farmers Market is coordinated through Long Island Growers Market.


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