Local Author Linda J. Williams Debuts Latest Book


Rudeness has become a widely discussed topic and while there are many rules out there that appear to address the ill-mannered, nothing seems to be able to reverse this so-called epidemic. So local Westbury resident Linda J. Williams decided to give it a try.

Excuse You! The Benefits of Living Courteously is Williams’ latest book that offers a plan for change that begins with a brief history of courtesy because, as we should all know the real reason why it was created. The author talk discusses how courtesy used to be and what she believes has caused the deterioration.

The book addresses this question along with the obstacles we as humans face when trying to be courteous and kind and how to overcome them.

“This book discusses courtesy from a unique perspective. It reveals the benefits to those who behave in this manner and provides suggestions on how we can all improve our behavior towards others,” said Williams. “No matter what your level of courtesy now, this book can help us grow and promote a more harmonious society.”

On May 11, the Olive Branch Bookstore, located at 640 Willis Ave., Williston Park will host a book launch and signing, beginning at 2 p.m. The event also coincides with the beginning of National Etiquette Week, which is from May 13 through 18.

Consider Excuse You! The Benefits of Living Courteously as a blueprint, a step-by-step process if you will, to promote rejuvenation of kind behavior.

Linda J. Williams, M.Ed is a certified etiquette consultant, facilitator and lecturer. She is the author of Church Etiquette: A Handbook for Manners and Appropriate Behavior in Church and Church Etiquette: A Handbook for Doorkeepers. Williams is a writing coach for aspiring writers and has written articles for Long Island Weekly, The Medina Register and Wise Magazine. To learn more, visit www.etiquetteandwritingconsultancy.com.

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