Letter: Flag Etiquette


With Memorial Day and Flag Day approaching, I would like to share with your readers what I came across recently.

While driving down a street in Westbury, I noticed a pole with the American flag attached to it sticking out of a garbage pail. This pail was placed on the curb for garbage pickup. I stopped and removed the flag from the garbage and will discard it respectfully and properly.

We all must realize many men and women died for that flag and it is never permissible to just throw a flag in the garbage regardless of the condition or size. The Westbury Military Historical Collection/Museum is located at 406 Maple Ave. Outside this location is a converted mail box to drop off used flags to be retired and given a proper ceremony.

I would also like to remind the residents who fly our flag on their property to pay close attention to the condition of your flag. Flying a flag all ripped up and tattered is also not showing the proper respect to Old Glory.

—Joseph Pascarella

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