Hampton Street School Expands With New Cafeteria


Ground is finally beginning to break at Hampton Street School for its brand new cafeteria expansion. The school’s current cafeteria is being converted into the pre-K wing to better accommodate more students.

“All of the capital work in the school district was planned five years ago, when the last building condition survey was completed,” said Dr. Michael Nagler, who is the district’s Superintendent of Schools. “We have systematically planned, funded and completed a majority of the items listed within that plan.”

The building condition survey is required by New York State every five years, according to Nagler.

A closer look at the construction of the new Hampton Street School cafeteria. (Photos by Dr. Michael Nagler)

The school’s original 1939 kitchen and cafeteria space were no longer suitable for the current population of students who attend the school.

“By expanding our pre-K program to full day, we will have the opportunity to support more of our youngest learners and immerse them into our learning community,” said Margarita Maravel, who is the principal at Hampton Street School. “The expansion will benefit all of the students and staff by providing much needed space for learning opportunities and valuable instruction.”

The new cafeteria will be approximately 3,000-square-feet and will be built with concrete, steel, block and brick. The cafeteria will also have glass walls and windows. The general contractor for the project is WEB Construction, which also happens to be a Mineola-based company.

“Our new cafeteria will change the way our students dine and will offer a calm and relaxing space to enjoy some downtime and socializing with friends,” said Maravel. “We will be creating a climate that resembles that of a restaurant with the help of some of our high school students. The students will learn proper etiquette, table manners and respectful conversation during meal time. When you change the climate, you change the culture of the lunchrooms as we know them.”

Nagler said that he hopes the school can occupy the new cafeteria by May.

Other projects that are starting to begin within the school district include a brand new Mineola High School auxiliary gym as well as a “special class” wing at the Meadow Drive School.

“By the end of next year we will have addressed every item listed in the last survey as well as other projects that were not listed,” said Nagler. “Proper planning yields results; the board and I are proud to deliver state of the art facilities without bonds and long term debt.”

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