Have Your Say On The Third Track Project

The MTA has been holding a series of outreach events in its Third Track expansion communities. (Photo by Frank Rizzo)

Fill out the LIRR Community Scorecard

A message from Village of Westbury Mayor peter Cavallaro:

As a part of the Third Track Project community engagement, throughout the duration of the project, residents will have the opportunity to rate LIRR and 3TC’s (the contractor) performance. Part of the contractor’s compensation will be determined by this scorecard on a quarterly basis. It is an incentive for 3TC to perform as optimally as possible, and to be responsive to resident and government officials’ concerns.

While the Westbury community has seen only preliminary work and activity so far on the project (don’t worry it will be here in the coming months), this is the first Community Scorecard opportunity.

Go the project website to fill out the form, if you have any input that you want to provide: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/4Q2018CommunityFeedbackForm

If you have any questions about this scorecard, please email: CommunityScorecard@mainlineep.com  or call the 24/7 hotline at 516-203-4955.

I applaud LIRR and 3TC for making this opportunity for input available to residents, and I would urge residents who have legitimate input (positive or negative) about the Project to share it with the LIRR/3TC team. In this way, 3TC will be able to calibrate its activities and their response to concerns as needed.

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