Resident Confronts Village About Overgrown Tree


At last week’s board meeting, Mineola resident Bernadette Quinn confronted the village board about an overgrown tree that she’s fearful of falling down onto her home after a similar tree crashed into her neighbor’s house during Superstorm Sandy.

Quinn, who lives on Browne Street, said that Mayor Scott Strauss never responded to her about the tree, which is located across the street from her home, when she inquired that it be taken down.

“We’ve had correspondence several times,” said Strauss. “The tree is healthy, but we will re-inspect it if you wish.”

Bernadette Quinn
addressing the village
board. (Photo by Anthony Murray)

When asked by Quinn who is checking to see if the tree is healthy, Strauss responded that the village’s Department of Works is responsible.

“You think it’s healthy when branches just fall out of the blue when there’s no wind and there’s no storm?” asked Quinn. “We have pictures of huge limbs. I call your office and I tell you that. And then you come and clean it up. Why isn’t it being trimmed?”

According to Strauss, the tree was reevaluated in 2014 and that a letter was sent to the homeowner saying that it was healthy.

“Our concern is the size of the tree because it has not been maintained,” said Quinn’s husband, Chris. “The town does a wonderful job trimming the trees throughout the village. There’s no question.”

Chris said that the tree overreaches to the other side of the street and onto his property, and is concerned of what might happen when it’s a stormy day.

“My son wants to come sleep in our bed downstairs in the back of the house because he’s worried about the tree,” explained Chris. “That’s our concern and we appreciate that you will continue to look into it. As much as we love the tree, it’s just so big, maybe it can be maintained.”

Strauss reassured the Quinn’s that the tree will be checked again.

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