The Heiress Comes To Mineola Library

From left: actors Nick D’Avanzo as Dr. Sloper, Lisa Giunta as Catherine and Rosann Baldanza as Mrs. Penniman. (Photos courtesy of Nick D’Avanzo)

The Carlyle Players Theatrical Group will be performing the play The Heiress at the Mineola Memorial Library on Saturday, May 19, at 2 p.m. Admission for the play is free.
The Heiress, written by Ruth and Augustus Goetz, takes place in New York in 1850. It is the story of Catherine Sloper, a shy rich girl who falls in love with a young man named Morris Townsend. However, Catherine’s father Dr. Sloper has suspicions that Townsend is only in love with his daughter’s money. Is it true love or is it greed? Only time will tell in this romantic drama.

“As an actor, I try to choose roles that are different than anything else I’ve ever done,” said Nick D’Avanzo who plays Dr. Sloper. “The character of Dr. Sloper definitely fits that criteria for me. He is also completely different than I am, which made the job more challenging.”

The Heiress director Peter Goike directing actor Lisa Giunta (Catherine) for an upcoming scene.

“I think Catherine is a character who is very relatable for a lot of people who have struggled with insecurities,” said Lisa Giunta, who plays Catherine. “She is someone who I feel has a lot to offer, but falters because of her lack of confidence, which stems from her upbringing and her father who is her harshest critic.”

D’Avanzo says the audience should expect to see a well-acted drama unfold before their eyes.

“We have a wonderful, committed director and cast who really bring the characters and story to life,” said Giunta. “Without giving anything away, I think the audience should expect to be moved by what transpires and how it transforms Catherine.”

The Heiress stars Lisa Giunta, Nick D’Avanzo, Anthony Mouras and Roseann Baldanza. The play is directed by Peter Goike. To learn more about the Carlyle Players, visit their website at

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