Time’s Up On Abuses Of Power


The Women’s Marches throughout the nation in 2017 and 2018, together with the “#MeToo” Movement have stirred a long awaited cultural revolution, which changes the paradigm of a male-dominated society into one where there is a greater awareness of the need for equality in the workplace and the home. Women and men have courageously come forward to accuse and call out those who have abused their positions of power and wealth. While this great movement began in Hollywood and trickled down to government, it permeates all aspects our society, where all of the evildoers have not yet been called out. They await their reckoning, which is coming sooner rather than later.

Men of power and wealth who have extorted sex from men and women; who have alienated their children against their partners, who have trumped up phony charges against them to gain tactical advantages in matrimonial cases in order to avoid paying equitable distribution, maintenance, and child support are the sinners in our midst. Their egregious misconduct is now being revealed. They accuse their accusers of fabricating and being crazy, but it is they, who lie, who have trampled upon the love and trust, which was, in retrospect, misplaced and unwarranted.

Explaining or telling of truth to power is the struggle, which all honest men and women face if they are to level the playing field for one that accounts for the “best interest of the children.” Our courts, too, must see through the deception used by some men and their lawyers to trick judges into believing that they are in the right; but, herein lies the biggest crime of injustice.

Men and women from humble beginnings are eager to succeed in life and their careers. Yet, their dreams are often shattered by false promises made for the sole purpose of exploiting those expectations for personal gratification and control instead. The root of all evil, as Shakespeare explained, is money. Tying the fulfillment of innocent dreams of happiness to money and power is a corruption at the core of our existence. Standing up against that corruption is what drives this now venerated and historical movement.

—Tom Liotti is the village justice for the Village of Westbury.

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