Post-Its Fight Fear At Westbury High School


Last week’s shooting at a Parkland, FL, high school sent shockwaves throughout the world, with many school districts taking the time to once again pause and reflect on their own security measures. During a meeting of the Westbury School District board of education the day following the attack, Superintendent Eudes Budhai noted that emergency plans are reviewed by staff every year.

“We mourn with those families and the world. When something happens to a student across the nation, we all feel it,” said Budhai. “Today, we placed guidance and teachers to support our teachers, staff and students to ensure they felt safe and had a place that was a safe haven. This school district isn’t just about academics, but the social-emotional wellness of our students.”

Budhai went on to say that members of the National Honor Society had responded to the act of hatred with a display of kindness, putting encouraging notes on every locker at the high school. With messages such as “You are a winner!” and “You are the best version of yourself” and “Keep love alive,” the brightly colored notes lit up the hallways.

“When students come to school tomorrow, they’ll be faced with a positive message to ensure them this is an environment where they feel loved and there’s no room for catastrophic situations,” said Budhai. “If someone needs to talk to someone, they have someone to talk to.”

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