LEDs Installed In Westbury, Carle Place


Westbury and Carle Place are getting lit. The Town of North Hempstead recently installed 63 new Light Emitting Diodes (LED) High Pressure Sodium street lights along Old Country Road in Westbury from the Wantagh Parkway to School Street and on Old Country Road from Carle Road to Vanderbilt Drive in Carle Place.

Not only does the new lighting replace old fixtures, but the LED lights are also expected to provide up to 72 percent savings in electrical costs.

“Replacing existing street lighting with more reliable, efficient and long-lasting LEDs will improve the lighting in the neighborhood, all while reducing electrical costs for our taxpayers,” said Supervisor Judi Bosworth.

The Westbury/Old Country Road project replaced 35 old and unreliable incandescent 200-watt fixtures with LED fixtures that use just 110 watts. The Carle Place/Old Country Road project replaced 28, 400-watt lights with 110 watt LED lights.

The LED lights have a Color Temperature (CT) of 4,000 degrees Kelvin. CT is a measure of the spectral content of light from a source, i.e., how much, blue, green, yellow and red there is in it. A higher CT rating generally means a higher blue content and the whiter appearance of the light, but some critics of LED lights say that the higher rated lights (for example, 6500K) are too harsh and cause discomfort to the eyes. The LED lights being installed have a low CT of 4000K, to coincide with the LED lights installed on the other side of the road, which is under Nassau County jurisdiction.

“Energy conservation is a key component of our environmental mission in the town and this project certainly helps us to meet that goal,” Councilwoman Viviana Russell said. “The new lighting will also enhance safety by making everything more visible.”

Funding for the lighting comes from the Town of North Hempstead Sidewalk District’s capital plan.

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