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Sophomore year is one of the most important years for a high school student. Not only do sophomores take on rigorous AP classes, but once they turn 16 they can get their licenses. Even though things aren’t as simple and easy as they were in freshman year, being a sophomore has its perks, like the ability to attain sophomore class rings.

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Class rings aren’t just ordinary pieces of jewelry. These rings are designed by students, which allows them to put all their creativity in customizing their rings as they express their style. Also, class rings represent a perfect combination of an individual’s achievements, class and interests. For example, when designing your ring you can choose to have your name engraved, include birthstones or zodiac signs, and even select symbols that represent who you are and what interests you such as sports, music, religion, etc.

Class rings are made by Jostens and provide several different options for students. In fact, Jostens not only provides class rings, but students can get class tags, lockets and bracelets too. These class rings are meant to celebrate moments that matter and preserve high school memories. Class rings have been a tradition for many years now and continue to store precious memories.

When it comes to how many sophomores at Mineola High School (MHS) are buying class rings, I would say at least half the grade is. Many sophomores believe that purchasing class rings is an important tradition that must continue and that the people who aren’t getting class rings will regret it.

“I’m going to buy a class ring because it’s monumental since it represents your identity.”—Taylor Cunha

Miguel Velasquez, a sophomore at MHS said, “I think it’s very important for a sophomore to buy a ring. It’s a tradition that represents us as a class moving up and maturing as we continue our high school experience. I will be buying one and I encourage our class and anyone who hasn’t bought one in the grades above us to purchase one because it symbolizes something very special.”

Class rings are significant to sophomores because it contains a huge part of a student’s high school experience, and when you grow up and look at the ring you will recall those good, old times and who you were in high school. According to Taylor Cunha, a sophomore at MHS, “I’m going to buy a class ring because it’s monumental since it represents your identity. My mom has one as well and it’s really beautiful and every time she looks at it she remembers her high school experience. I want one for that same reason. I want to remember my high school experience and being able to wear it is extraordinary.”

StudentArticle__BThe class rings have been a long lasting tradition at Mineola High School and impacted many individuals throughout the years as they look back at their rings. Students want these rings because they get to design it and this piece of jewelry tells their own high school story. Also, it benefits the sophomore class by serving as a lucrative fundraiser.
However, the majority of the students that are not getting class rings say it is because of the price. Prices vary from $300 to $900, depending on what kind of ring you want (silver or gold) and what you want your ring to contain (birthstones, symbols, name, etc.). The prices of the rings are a little too much and parents may tell their kids that they can’t buy one because of how much it costs.

Sophomore Kelly Koo said, “I would buy a class ring if it wasn’t so expensive. One class ring is like $600 and I don’t have that much money just lying around.”

Due to how pricey the class rings are, students don’t want to make a purchase.

“Having class rings to represent and think back about the memories made in high school is a good idea, but I don’t think I’m going to buy one because all the money used to buy one class ring can be used for other things,” said Alcina Lima. “Anyways, there are other ways to look back at my memories made in high school like through social media (pictures).”

Lima makes a point as she explains that memories can come in any form and you don’t need a ring to look back at those memories.

The class rings are a piece of art that represents a student’s life during high school and their class. These class rings contain memories that students shared with one another. When you grow up and look again at this ring, you will recall the enjoyable times spent with your high school family (class). Unfortunately, not every sophomore is purchasing a ring because of how expensive it is and they believe that it’s not worth it. Even so, having class rings is a brilliant form of art and its ability to contain memories and also reflect an individual’s personality is important. What’s your high school story?

—Ziya Patel is a Mineola High School student

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