Kababs Done Right At Post Ave Eatery


When Kabul Kabab House, a popular Flushing eatery, announced they would be opening a location on Post Avenue, diners from Long Island and Queens rejoiced. And the middle eastern eatery is living up to its reputation. Though it’s only been in business a few months, diners are raving about the high quality fare found at the restaurant’s new Nassau location.

Kashk Badenjan, a mashed eggplant appetizer
Kashk Badenjan, a mashed eggplant appetizer

The first things diners notice when walking into Kabul Kabab House is the glass-enclosed grill area, where the kabobs are cooked to perfection. The casual eatery is warm and inviting, with fast, friendly staff ready to answer any questions patrons have.

All diners are treated to warm pita bread with hummus or baba ghanoush (roasted mashed eggplant seasoned with tahina, olive oil and lemon juice) upon sitting down. Warm pita bread makes an appearance again paired with the kashk badenjan, a delightful mashed eggplant and tomato sauce appetizer. The mouth-watering sambosa, crispy pastry turnovers stuffed with ground beef and chickpeas, goes perfectly with the green chatni and is good for sharing with the table.

White and brown rice, with kobideh and a chicken kabob.

Kabul Kabab’s cuisine appeals to a broad range of palates, by including influences from Persia, India and Afghanistan to adapt to American tastes. Kabobs are certainly the star, as the tender chunks of meat are expertly grilled and marinated in seasoning, packing in plenty of rich flavor. The entrée menu offers lamb, beef, chicken and salmon kabobs, and for those that can’t choose, the combination platters allow diners to choose multiple meats. Also notable on the menu is the sultani, a combination of barg, charcoal broiled thin slices of beef, and kobideh, tender, savory ground peef marinated in spies and seasonings and broiled over charcoal. Portions are generous, and all entrees come with either white, brown or green rice.

The decadent rosewater ice cream

If there’s still room for dessert, a popular offering is the firnee. The sweet milk custard pudding topped with cardimon, is a great complement to the rich, savory entrees. Or, go with the homemade rosewater ice cream, a delicate, delicious option sure to cleanse the palate.

Kabul Kabab is cash only and located at 247 Post Ave. For more information, call 516-280-4753 or visit www.kabulkababhouse.com.

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