Why I Love Westbury And Carle Place


guide__love-westbury__cavallaro“One of the things I love most about Westbury is our rich history that has brought us to this point. Still, we also have a consensus among our residents on wanting to make Westbury even better for the future. Managing change is not easy, and you want to do it in a way that is acceptable to everyone, if possible, and in a way that pays respect to the past. I think our residents know that you can’t stand still. They’ve supported our efforts to build for the future and to make our community stronger and more sustainable.”

—Peter Cavallaro

“Carle Place is reminiscent of a “Modern Day Mayberry!” CP is one square mile—a very safe place to raise children in a humble environment with families who have old fashioned values and schools with modern sophistication! I wanted to keep my children grounded and safe, but not sacrifice education and I believe I achieved all of this by residing in Carle Place.”

—Sally Pine

guide__love-westbury__campbell“I am a proud Westbury High School alumni who has lived in Westbury for 40 years. I love Westbury’s never ending gift of cultural diversity; it is a gift that just keeps giving. When I first moved to Westbury I witnessed the struggles that followed the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Westbury is known for celebrating diversity. Each decade since has welcomed new families, making us a culturally richer community. I love our location; 40 minutes from NYC, 20 minutes from institutions of higher learning, 10 minutes from the beach, five minutes from recreation, the arts and great retailers.”

—Karin Campbell

“Why do I love Carle Place? The first reason is we celebrated the 100th anniversary of our town last summer. We had a terrific parade, a carnival with extraordinary rides, cotton candy and popcorn! Delicious! At the end there was an awesome fireworks show. My second reason is our schools. Cherry Lane School has excellent teachers! My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. McDermott, was artistic and creative. My first-grade teacher, Mrs. Gross, was funny, friendly and kind. Ms. Santos, my second-grade teacher was encouraging and made learning fun! Now I am in Rushmore School and I love it. I have lived in Carle Place for all my life and I feel lucky to be here.”

—Connor Iadevaia

guide__love-westbury__dennis“Living in Carle Place is a wonderful experience. It combines the warmth of small town living with being located near a major metropolitan area. We have friendly and generous neighbors who volunteer to improve our community in many significant ways. This sense of community has made Carle Place one of the most desirable places to live on Long Island. We have a fine school system, an active Parent Teacher Organization, an energetic Athletic Booster Club and a successful Educational Foundation. In addition, we have many dedicated community organizations such as the Carle Place Civic Association, the Carle Place Senior Citizens Organization and the Carle Place Fire Department. While Carle Place may be small in size, it is known regionally as a great place to live. Carle Place truly shows that “good things come in small packages.”

—Barry M. Dennis

“I’ve had the good fortune to travel all over the world, and no place has provided me with more warmth, security and a sense of belonging. No matter where I wind up, my heart will always be in Carle Place!”

—Robert E. Skelton

“I moved a lot as a kid. All over the island, and we even had a small stint down south. I lived on Broadway as an infant and after all of the traveling my family did, I ended up back in CP as a freshman in high school. I’m in my 30s now, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. This is the only town where I have ever had real ‘roots,’ and despite living all over the place, I consider it my hometown. I made true, lifelong friendships here and while it’s certainly not a perfect town, it is my town. I also love our little main street on Westbury Avenue, and proudly support these local businesses. I now have a child of my own, and I hope to raise him as a proud Frog!”

—Erin Lyons

‘‘The pervasive small-town feel of [Carle Place]. It’s our little cocoon.’’
Jeanet Murphy

“I have such fond memories of our close knit neighborhood and of 11th Street. Staying out until the street lamps came on and playing all sorts of wonderful games. Always feeling safe and happy.”

—Gail O’Shaughnessy Seale

“The [Carle Place] schools are amazing!”

—Caren Benipayo

“Carle Place is a safe, middle-class town with a small town feel where everyone watches over each other. It’s not unusual to see on Facebook that someone found a “lost pet” and the vicinity it was found and even with a photo posted! My answer to outsiders who ask, ‘you still live in CP?,’ is ‘yes, CP is a gated community that is a treasure and once you live here, they don’t let you out and neither do you want to!’ As we said in school, ‘Once a Frog, always a Frog.’”

—Linda Cianca Tirone

guide__love-westbury__russell“I love Westbury because it is a welcoming, diverse, family-friendly community. Over the years my family and I have met and developed lifelong relationships with friends, churches, business associates, community advocates and civic organizations. My husband Gary and I have even met distant relatives that we did not know that live right here in Westbury. Most recently, I was proud to be able to speak at the Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration in Westbury after returning from Cuba just a few weeks before, where I was able to meet and connect with family members that I had never had the opportunity to lay eyes on before. The culmination of celebrating my heritage at home here in Westbury made me appreciate even more the diverse cultures in this great community. I am proud to call Westbury my home.”

—Viviana Russell

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