Alexander Hamilton Was An Immigrant


405px-Alexander_Hamilton_portrait_by_John_Trumbull_1806Alexander Hamilton, a very key figure in the founding of our nation, was an immigrant. You will learn more about his extraordinary life if you attend our Village Justice Court’s Constitution Day program on Sept. 20 at 7 p.m. You will learn much more about him from our speakers, including County Legislator Siela Bynoe who hails from the same Caribbean Island as Alexander Hamilton.

Two recent news accounts advise us of the continuing immigration problem involving unaccompanied minors and family units being stopped at the U.S./Mexico border. Unaccompanied minors account for about 47,000 immigrants each year that are apprehended. Obviously, we do not know the number that are not apprehended. Many of the unapprehended are settling on Long Island. How our schools and municipalities deal with the influx of new immigrants is not being addressed by our presidential candidates, but will be at our Constitution Day Program. A second article concerned children having to represent themselves in immigration proceedings; a clear violation of Supreme Court of the United States rulings.

We will be especially pleased to have as additional guest speakers on Constitution Day Dean Michael Simons, of the St. John’s University Law School and Terry Strada, a mother, 9/11 widow, activist and National Chair, 9/11 Victims’ Families and Survivors United For Justice against Terrorism. Her topic will be Federalism and 28 pages from the Joint Congressional Inquiry Into Intelligence Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attack of September 11, 2001. Terry is formerly a Long Islander from Old Westbury, married to the late Tom Strada, a victim of 9/11, and daughter-in-law of our former Mayor Ernest Strada and his wife, Mary Ann Strada.

Additional speakers will include Edward Paltzik, Esq.; Erica Dubno, Esq. of Fahringer & Dubno, Esq.; Michael Leavitt, Esq.; Zan Khan, Esq. and Assemblyman Michael A. Montesano.
This is going to be a very exciting night with special presentations.

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Thomas F. Liotti is an attorney in Garden City and Village Justice in Westbury. He is also an adjunct professor of litigation in the legal studies department at Nassau Community College.

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