Mompreneur Aids Flint With Bottle Tags


StewartManorMom_041416ABy Vilma Sceusa

Karen Stellato-Sa’s maternal instincts sprang into action when she first heard about the Flint, MI’s water contamination. Since the crisis, thousands of water bottles have been shipped to Flint. As the inventor of Drink Duets, foam-colored bottle identification tags; Stellato-Sa immediately recognized how her product could help students keep track of their water bottles. The Stewart Manor mom knew she had to help and contacted Eisenhower Elementary School in Flint, MI, and donated 1,000 Drink Duets. She also made packets for each of the teachers. Subsequently, she received requests from Holmes STEM Academy and Durant Turri Mott Elementary schools and has sent an additional 700 tags.

“As a mom, I couldn’t imagine not having clean drinking water,” said Stellato-Sa. “Then I imagined what it was like when all those water bottles were being used. How would students identify their own water bottle? Drink Duet tags will prevent accidental sharing and help reduce waste.”

StewartManorMom_041416BStellato-Sa realizes there is no overnight solution to the crisis, so she has decided to help by donating $1 for every packet of Drink Duets sold online. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, Flint will shortly begin a $55 million project to replace lead pipes.

Stellato-Sa, an advertising executive and entrepreneur, created Drink Duets to solve the household dilemma of keeping track of water bottles. She noticed how water bottles would accumulate all over her house, especially when she had company.

StewartManorMom_041416CConvinced there had to be a better way for her guests to keep track of their drink she began experimenting with different materials and developed Drink Duets.

“They are great for the beach or soccer sidelines and come in 12 bright colors for easy identification,” said Stellato-Sa. “The reusable tags slip easily over any kind of beverage bottle and are the perfect size to decorate or write your name.”

Manufactured in the United States, each package contains 12 different colored bottle tags and retail at $4.50 a pack. Drink Duets can be purchased at Use code FLINT and $1 will be donated to help those suffering due to the Flint, MI, water crisis.

Further information can be found on the Drink Duets Facebook page.


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