Local’s Book Explores God And Morality


To dance before the king naked might sound like an odd expression, but for Westbury’s Undena Leake Jackson, it’s a phrase that is not only the name of her new memoir, but a way of life.

Undena__031616A“Dancing before the king naked means being transparent with God and yourself,” Jackson said. “We can’t hide sin or anything else from God.” Jackson, a pastor at Power Praise and Deliverance, Inc., in the Bronx, said she wanted to write a book to tell people how they could live “whole lives.” The book addresses issues of morality and the modern day church, as well as how Jackson’s faith has helped her overcome personal trials.

Undena__031616B“The Lord took me through the Scriptures, so I could impart that love and understanding of God and who He is to help free someone else,” Jackson said.

Jackson freely admits her life has been far from perfect, but that understanding God’s love and forgiveness changed her view of herself and others. She hopes people who read her book will learn that they don’t have to be defined by their past or mistakes they’ve made.

“Freedom is a great thing to have in your life, but you have to want to receive it,” Jackson said. “It’s about being transparent and being able to love yourself and free of the things life has placed on you. You don’t have to be the [things] people call you, you can be greater than that.”

Can You Dance Before the King Naked? is available at bookstores as well as online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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