Pit Bulls Involved In Prior Attack


The two pit bulls who attacked a Drexel Avenue fourth-grader on Jan. 27 had previously been involved in a violent incident, said Village Mayor Peter Cavallaro at a recent board meeting.

The two dogs had previously attacked a smaller dog that was being walked by his owner, at which case an investigation was started by the ASPCA, NCPD and village on whether the dogs were dangerous. The village had asked an arrest be made after the first attack, but none was made. The second incident occurred while the investigation was ongoing.

The village has issued a summonses to the owner and will ask for jail time.

“At a minimum, it shows a disregard for the safety of the community,” said Cavallaro. “It’s criminal and should be treated as such.”

One of the dogs involved in the attack was scheduled to be put down, while the other was originally scheduled for adoption, however, details from eyewitness attacks from the scene might result in the second dog being put down as well.

The boy, who was attacked on Jan. 27 at the corner of Sylvan Lane and Wilson Avenue, sustained serious injuries to his leg but is expected to have a full recovery.

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