Paul Pereira for Trustee


I am supporting Paul Pereira for Mineola Trustee in the upcoming Village elections on March 15.

Paul has been part of the governing team that has brought our village smart growth, near zero tax increases , new capital improvements including the upgrade of Memorial Park that has a new band shell, upgraded tennis courts, walkways and other facilities, new fire truck and other capital equipment and vehicles to maintain village services, a vision for revitalizing our downtown, significantly reducing our bond debt, increasing our bond rating through proper Village budgeting, reducing the certioraris payments by the village due to the institution of proper assessments, upgrades to our parks at Wilson Field and Emory Road, and increased funding to repave our streets and curbs.Paul has lived in Mineola most of his life along with his wife and three children. He is a popular educator and soccer coach in our school district and has been active in various community organizations. His goals for Mineola are our goals.

One person I will not be voting for is John Colbert who is running for trustee. When he was in office Mineola debt was so high that we were nearly bankrupt and bond agencies downgraded us so that borrowing became more expensive. It would be like a homeowner taking out an equity loan to pay for lawn service and weekly home purchases instead of properly spending capital funds for a new roof, kitchen and bathroom upgrades. During his administration board meetings weren’t public, all of the village business was handled behind closed doors to keep the public in the dark. Today they are in an open forum and televised for all residents to be able to stay current. I am a lifelong resident and I don’t want to go back to the dark ages.

Paul Pereira offers us a clear choice for continued quality of village services and upgrades. Vote For Paul Pereira on March 15, Election Day.

—John P. Bernardes

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