Lower Speed Limit For Ellison Ave


Motorists driving on Ellison Avenue might want to ease up on the gas pedal a bit, following a recent decision to lower the speed limit. The Village of Westbury board of trustees approved lowering the limit from 30 to 20 mph at last week’s board of trustees meeting.

While 30 mph is the standard speed limit for village streets, Village Mayor Peter Cavallaro said they decided to change it around the vicinity of the Ellison Avenue bridge as a “targeted provision” to address public safety concerns. “This proposal…derives out of our analysis of the traffic issues around the bridge and concerns by residents in the vicinity of the bridge, especially traveling northward over the bridge to Earl and Ward Street,” Cavallaro said.

The new speed limit takes effect on Ellison Avenue between Lafayette and Maple Avenues, and is effective immediately.

“This is a targeted provision to address a specific problem around the area of the bridge,” Cavallaro said. “This will help the public safety of pedestrians and people driving over the bridge, and people exiting side streets around the bridge.”

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