A Christmas Carol Gets Illustrated


A classic Christmas tale will get a new look this month during an art exhibit at Nana’s in Westbury. The recently opened ice cream and coffee shop will house the work of artist Jay Stuart, who will be showing painted and illustrated key scenes from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol throughout December.

“It’s going to be a nice event,” said Stuart, a Westbury resident. “I’m really big into doing illustrations of stories and narratives.”
He said when the Greater Westbury Council for the Arts (GWCA) contacted him about doing an exhibit during the holidays at Nana’s, he thought about doing A Christmas Carol because it’s not your typical warm and fuzzy holiday story.

JayStuartExhibit__120215A“It’s a nice story because it’s not overly Christmas,” Stuart said. “It’s a darker tale, so it allows me to put a mix of my style and be a little festive at the same time.”

Julie Lyon, president of the GWCA, said they wanted to feature Stuart’s work at Nana’s because his artistic style has broad appeal.

“His subject matter is interesting, imaginative and compelling,” Lyon said. “Jay’s work is imaginative, fantastical and dark with a sense of humor. There’s so much energy and motion in each piece that you are drawn into the picture so you can be part of the action. The story contained in each work reveals itself the more you look.”

Stuart, a former children’s comic book illustrator, currently works at Blick Art Materials in Carle Place. He describes his artistic style as surrealistic and his subjects include monsters, robots and portraits. He often shows his work at Ripe Gallery in Huntington.
Lyon said this exhibit will kick off what she hopes is an ongoing series at Nana’s that features a new artist every month or so. Each new exhibit will also have an opening reception, where the public can learn more about the work displayed directly from the artist.

“This will allow our members and other local artists to showcase their work while letting the residents of the greater Westbury area get to know the Arts Council and our mission, which is attracting, developing and promoting art and culture throughout our community,” Lyon said.

There will be an opening reception for Stuart’s A Christmas Carol exhibit on Dec. 12 from 7 to 10 p.m. at Nana’s, 225 Post Ave., where the public is invited to meet Stuart and check out his work.

Find out more by visiting www.jaystuart.wix.com or www.westburyarts.org.


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