Moore Walks Keep Tails Wagging


Who is going to walk the dog? That is usually one of the first questions asked by dog owners or those considering getting a four-legged friend. For some, that person is a dog walker.

Carolyn Moore knows all too well the demands of juggling work, home life and pet ownership. That’s why she recently opened up her business “Moore Walks,” which caters to the needs of dog owners.

Carolyn Moore walks one of her clients' dogs.
Carolyn Moore walks one of her clients’ dogs.

“I have a passion for animals and I am a dog owner myself,” explained Moore. “People work long hours and don’t always have the time to walk their dog. That’s what I’m here for.”

The Westbury resident travels to many different destinations to serve the needs of her clients, including Garden City, Huntington and as far as Lloyd Harbor.

Moore was bitten by the dog walking bug while taking care of her own beloved dog, a French Bull Dog named Rex. Being with Rex, she explained, became the highlight of each day after working long hours at her former business. “I spent 17 years as the owner of a paint your own pottery company in Huntington,” said Moore. “Walking Rex became my most peaceful time of the day. It made me happy and was my favorite thing to do.”

That’s when it hit her—why not turn her most peaceful and favorite activity into a new business? In March that is exactly what she did by starting up “Moore Walks.”

There is no job too big or small for the new business owner. While many of her clients are looking for a dog walker, of course, some have hired her to play with their pets in the yard. “It really helps to get the dogs energy out before the family returns home from a long day at work or school,” explained Moore. “By the time my customers get home with the children the dog is worn out and they are able to focus on cooking dinner and the children can focus on their homework.”

In some instances a customer may only need a temporary dog walker because of an unexpected situation, which was the case for a recent customer in East Williston. “My client broke her foot and couldn’t walk her dog until she was completely healed, so she hired me until she was fully recovered,” she said.

Many of her customers also now have a newfound freedom that they didn’t have before. Planning a day trip or spending an entire day at a family function can often be a challenge for dog owners. That doesn’t have to be the case for many, especially those who have the extra added guilt that sometimes goes along with leaving the dog behind all day, or in some cases having a family member forced to leave a function early to let out the dog.

“I have been hired by people just for that situation if they know they are going to be gone all day,” said Moore. “They have the peace of mind to enjoy their day knowing I will go in and feed and walk their dog for them.”

Just like the motto of the post office, Moore says she will walk your dog in all sorts of inclement weather through rain, sleet or snow. She charges both half hour and hourly rates depending on the individual customers needs. To find out more, call 516-280-2118 or email Carolyn Moore at

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