LinCar Salon: Mineola Owned

Lino Feminella and Caryn Kinney outside LinCar Salon
Lino Feminella and Caryn Kinney outside LinCar Salon

Beauty has its roots deep at LinCar Salon, situated at the apex of the Miracle Mile. Caryn Kinney, a Mineola resident and Port Washington native, and her partner, Lin Feminella, are transforming looks one head at a time. The duo are as different as night and day, and their eclectic style works. 

Upon entering the salon, you feel a natural urge to relax and unwind. The atmosphere is calming and aesthetically pleasing. Wood-framed mirrors and a black crystal chandelier offset the trendier white shaded lights suspended at each station. The sleek chairs provide the customer comfort and style that are perfect for men, women or children.
The salon uses only organic and “All Nutrient” products. All the products including the hair color are, in addition to organic, vegan and gluten free. The salon even offers organic Keratin treatments.

All-Nutrient hair care products are free of sulfates and parabens, which leaves hair feeling soft and nourished. The protein-enriched formulas lock in hair color, so it does not fade, nor wash out with each shampoo. The products used fight aging by strengthening the hair at the root. By keeping cells healthy deep within the hair’s structural core, the cut and color is guaranteed to look good.

A cascade of curls
A cascade of curls

Feminella hails from Naples, Italy. He studied hair design at Esthetica in Milan, Italy, and started working as a stylist for Valentin and Versace in the late ’80s. He came abroad to visit his sister in the United States and decided to begin his adventure. He began as a stylist with Metropolitan Models and became attached to La Mirage for 17 years, where he met and worked with Ronnie Raponi. Raponi wanted to set up his own shop and purchased Anthony’s of Manhasset to transform it into R & Company.

Professionally trained, Kinney now resides in Mineola with her husband and two dogs. A master at color, Kinney attended Hair Color USA training when she worked at Peter’s Place in Great Neck. Color has changed tremendously over the years, “today it is more contrasted. There is a multi-dimensional color that has undertones. Say for example, a blonde might have a buttery undertone and a toffee color to it,” says Kinney. “The upkeep is less and you can go for longer periods.”

She had worked at R & Company for seven years until October 2013, when she and Feminella were asked to take over the business after the death of Raponi’s wife. Kinney calls the boutique a family friendly salon.

Now the two have celebrated their first year in business and are excited for 2015. They have a wonderful addition to their team, Alessandra (formerly from The Style Bar in Munsey Park Center), and Kylie, who do blow outs for $25 during the week and a $45 cut and blow. They have many stylists to choose from. There is a “Blow Out” bundle, purchase three blow outs and get the fourth free.

The interior of LinCar Salon
The interior of LinCar Salon

When asked why you should blow out your hair, Feminella says “when you get your hair done, the stylist knows how to blow out your hair so that it gives you just the right look and it lasts longer.”

Start the New Year off right by looking your best. LinCar Salon at 1532 Northern Blvd. is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For an appointment call 516-365-9030 and speak with Eunice.

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