WHS Class Of 1964 Reunites


DSCN3496The Westbury High School Class of 1964 held their 50th reunion this past weekend, proving that time and distance can’t break friendship. The tight-knit class easily picked up where they left off, reuniting with old friends and looking back on their high school years.

The festivities began Thursday night with an ice breaker event at Sporting News Grille. On Friday, over 70 former classmates came to Diletto’s in Westbury to catch up with friends and reminisce. Then on Saturday, there was a breakfast at Westbury High School followed by a tour of their alma mater.

“Everyone wanted to be there. You only get 50 years once,” said alum Italo Vacchio, who helped organize the event. “We had a great time in school, and we didn’t realize what a great time we had until we were out. I’m so glad I get the chance to see my classmates. School was a big part of my life.”

Former Dragons came from all over the country. Alum Clarence Miller came from California.

“We have a lot of longstanding relationships. This is family, this is home,” he said. “We love each other and have been through a lot together.”

DSCN3495Brenda Ratteray Gilliam came up from Maryland. “I came to renew friendships. It’s surprising how easily you recognize people. A lot of the faces are the same,” said Gilliam.

Other alumni, such as Marcia Foster Rochester, never left Westbury. She’s been working in the school district the past 44 years.

“I’m so cemented to Westbury and the memories. Having been here and watched things changed, it centers you,” said Rochester. “We all have a common ground. It’s like we never left. We have an emotional commitment to this school.”

Though the reunion ended Saturday, classmates left with an additional way to stay in touch. Www.westbury64.com is a new website that was set up so that alumni can find out what their classmates are up to, learn out about upcoming reunions and share memories.

“It’s a central place to keep up and see what others are saying,” noted Miller. “We want to keep in touch, our relationships are important.”

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