Village Holds Constitution Day


The Westbury Village Justice Court will hold its sixth annual Constitution Day celebration Wednesday, Sept. 17, highlighting “Immigration, The Fourth Amendment and Illegal Housing.”  

“The Declaration expressed our spirit as a nation and our willingness to fight for the freedoms that we hold most dear.  The Constitution is the bedrock of our form of government, bringing those liberties to life,” said Village Justice Tom Liotti, who helped implement the event in Westbury. 

This year’s program will focus on the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, search and seizure. The program will feature presentations by Mayor Peter I. Cavallaro, Hon. Elizabeth D. Pessala, Hon. Michele M. Woodard, Daniel Valentino, Esq., Luis Rodriguez, Esq., Floyd Ewing, Dr. Faroque Khan and Lisa Purzak.

Justice Liotti noted illegal occupancies of single family homes have become a huge problem in the Village and throughout the nation.  What we can do as a nation to solve the problem must be reconciled with our Constitution, says Liotti.

“The idea behind the program is to heighten the awareness of everyone concerning the importance of our Constitution and at the same time address problems in our contemporary society in light of it,” said Liotti.

Constitution Day will take place at Village Hall, 235 Lincoln Place at 7 p.m. Refreshments will be served. 

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