Local Fights For Justice Seat


Westbury resident Michele Woodard has served as a Supreme Court Justice the last 14 years, and she’s confident she’ll be re-elected this November for another term…even if she has to do it without the help of the Democratic and Republican parties. 


Woodard was surprised when she found out she was not going to be endorsed by the Democratic Party, which nominated two Republicans—District Court Judge Anna Anzalone and County Court Judge Angela Delligatti—along with one Democrat, District Court Judge Sharon Gianelli.

However, Woodard received the support of the Working Families Party and will be running on their ticket and the Independence Party line.

“I was disappointed when I found out I wasn’t nominated again,” Woodard says. “However I am very happy to be on the Working Families Party and Independence party lines.”

Woodard was reviewed by the County Bar Association Judiciary Committee, which screens candidates running for judicial office and was found to be “well qualified” based on her background, character, and experience.

Woodard was elected to the Supreme Court in 2000 as a Liberal Party candidate, co-endorsed by the Democrats. The Liberal Party lost its ballot status in New York State four years ago. Woodard registered this past May as a Democrat, but was told that her registration would not be effective until after the November elections. A “Wilson Pakula” authorization is traditionally given by the political party chairman to allow a person registered in another party to appear on his party’s line.

Woodard is the first African American female elected to State Supreme Court on Long Island and has a long background in public service. She started as a legal service attorney with a focus on community based law, and worked as Assistant Attorney General for 13 years. Over the past 14 years she’s served as a Supreme Court Justice, she’s handled all types of cases, including corporate, medical malpractice and foreclosure.
“Every case was important to the litigant, therefore every case I handled was important,” Woodard says. “Public service is extremely important in providing legal services to everyone. It’s a right. And I intend to stay here and be a good justice for another 14 years.”

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