NCPD Warns Of Distraction Burglaries


The Nassau County Police Department is advising residents that individuals are perpetrating a series of burglaries and scams throughout Nassau County.  In recent cases, individuals may have posed as utility workers.

The  criminals portray a surveyor or a contractor, approach the homeowners, at their residences and engage them in distracting conversation.  The subject diverts the homeowners into their rear yards providing a means for an accomplice(s) to surreptitiously enter the home and commit a burglary.

Police note that there are several things residents can do to protect themselves from being victimized by these individuals:

1.  Make sure your doors and windows are locked even when you are at home.
2. Set your home burglar alarm system every time you leave your house even if it’s for a short period of time.
3.  Lock valuables in a safe and don’t leave cash and jewelry in a conspicuous place such as the bedrooms, kitchen, or counter.
4.  Ask for proper identification of individuals before you allow them onto your property or into your home, especially if you are not expecting anyone.  Any Nassau County employee will have photo identification.
5. If you are unsure of a persons credentials, ask for an office call back number.

Residents should report any suspicious activity immediately by calling 911.


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