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For some, the bedroom is the best room in the house; for others it’s the cozy den or kitchen. But for Westbury musician Eric Garzon, one of the most treasured places in his home is his music studio.

It’s in this room that the multifaceted musician spent the last two years writing and producing his new CD, Dreams. For Garzon, who goes by the stage name Eric G, the sophomore CD symbolizes persistence.

Eric Garzon goes by the stage name "Eric G"
Eric Garzon goes by the stage name “Eric G”

“It means that I’ve stayed the course. There are many singers and rappers that say they want it but do nothing, or do one album and never do anything after,” says Garzon. “There have definitely been some bumps in the road but by God’s grace I’ve been able to stay relevant and on the radar with the music scene not only here in New York but other parts of the country.”

Garzon has been a musician his whole life. He got his start in the church choir and with the encouragement of others, pursued his passion as a career. In 2010 he released a gospel CD called Move. The album met with success and he went on a 30 venue local circuit tour, which included stops at the Prudential Center and various Filipino events. He also got play on local radio stations.

On June 27, Garzon will be holding an album release party at the NYCB Theatre to usher in Dreams, a mainstream CD that Garzon describes as wholesome, feel good music.

Garzon says his sound is influenced by artists such as Michael Jackson, Usher and Stevie Wonder, resulting in music that’s a fusion of R&B and pop. He notes that one thing that sets him apart from other artists is the content of his music.

“Lyrics are big for me. The content has a lot of substance. You could have a really nice beat, but if you’re saying inappropriate things, it’s not as good,” Garzon said. “I like to write songs about what people are talking about. Anything that comes to mind and is good natured.”
And for Garzon, finding the right beat is just as important as the right words.

“Melody always comes first,” says Garzon. “You could have great lyrics but if it’s not catchy no one’s going to want to listen to it. Melody is the music but when you get deeper into the substance you’ll see the lyrics.”

Dreams is available on iTunes June 28.
Dreams is available on iTunes June 28.

Through the catchy, upbeat songs on his new CD, Garzon hopes to encourage people to go after their passions.

“Everyone has a passion and a dream, and you should pursue it. What gets you up in the morning besides your job? In every one of us there’s a passion. My message is to inspire people to tap into that,” Garzon says.

The title track has already been picked up by Universal Records for a compilation CD. One of the songs on the CD includes “The Lala Song” a tribute to Garzon’s Filipino fans. As a Filipino-American, Garzon’s roots are very important him, and he says he has received an overwhelming amount of support from the Filipino community.

“Filipinos are very supportive of their artists and a big reason why Filipino artists are so successful is because of their fans,” Garzon said. “Filipino performances kept me afloat for a long time. This song is just an appreciation for the fans who have supported me through the years, and the new ones to come.”

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