The Butcher Is In At Carle Place


By Colleen Maidhof

Carle Place has a new butcher shop. Owned by brothers Johann and Christian Kathriner, The Butcher Place at 530 Westbury Ave., celebrated its grand opening on Sunday, May 18.

The brothers opened the shop in the area because they thought the town was missing a butcher where residents could get fresh meat as well as a variety of freshly cooked foods and sides.

Johann, Hans and Christian Kathriner
Johann, Hans and Christian Kathriner

“There aren’t any other butcher shops around here. There used to be a butcher shop on Post Ave., but they closed down,” said Johann. “A local butcher is important because residents can come in and get meat cut and seasoned the way they want.”

With meats chosen by the brothers and food such as baked chicken and sausage and peppers cooked throughout the day, the Kathriners do whatever it takes to please customers. On the day of their grand opening, they had 116 orders.

Customers are very happy with the new addition to Carle Place, and many have already visited the shop multiple times since it opened.
“It’s more than just a butcher shop. Since this place opened, I’ve been here at least four times for meat to grill, food and tasty sides. They have the best rice balls,” said Frank Marchiano from Westbury. “It’s very convenient, and there isn’t another place like it around here. They give you a lot of good food for a great price, and I’m able to get healthy homemade meals quickly.”

After almost a year of waiting to open due to red tape and modifications, the owners are proud to be a part of Carle Place.

Johann and Christian take pride in growing up into the butcher business with their family. Their father, Hans, who owns a butcher shop in Queens called Hans Meatorama taught them everything they know about cooking, meat and good customer service.

“I grew up working with my father in a butcher shop,” Johann said. “I chose to be a butcher because I saw how committed, hardworking and passionate my father was. I wanted to continue the family business.”

Helping customers is something the brothers try their best to do everyday. ButcherAAA_052814

“A customer came in the other day not knowing what to season the meat she was purchasing with. I seasoned it for her and she came back for more,” said Johann.

If a customer doesn’t know what to get or how to cook certain types of meat, the brothers will make suggestions if they are asked.

“When people come in and start looking, I let them browse. If they have any questions like what’s good to barbeque, I share my knowledge of what’s good to cook on a barbeque and what isn’t,” Johann said.

Visiting The Butcher Place has its benefits Johann explained.

“Other stores that sell meat usually precut everything. Some people don’t like that, so I don’t precut anything. I ask my customers how they want it, and I cut it for them,” Johann said. “Coming here also guarantees fresh meat because I get it straight from the market. I always check the dates on the boxes. Meat only has a certain shelf life, after that it goes bad. Fresh meat is quality meat.”

Christian hopes the shop will become a familiar and special place to locals.

“We want to become a cornerstone of the community. We are not just here to sell meat, we want to become part of this town,” said Christian.

The Butcher Place’s phone number is 516-246-9555. The hours are Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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