WMS Robotics Team Tackles STEM


Westbury Middle School students recently competed in a challenging robotics competition that encouraged teamwork and the STEM curriculum. The eight student team competed against several other teams from Long Island in the Adelphi Middle School Robotics Competition on April 5. It took two months for the students to build a robot from the LEGO robotic kit and configure its numerous sensors and structures. It took several ideas and modifications, but come the day of the competition, the team was able to have their robot fulfill the objective, which was to pick up a ball and throw it into a chamber. The team came in fourth.

The team's robot
The team’s robot


“We had many problems that we were able to resolve,” said eighth grade student, Jose. “I like that we had to work together and combine ideas.”

The students also had to present their robot in front of an audience and judges, which included a question and answer session and putting together a Powerpoint presentation.

“It was a nice team effort. It was an extremely challenging rigorous competition, the task itself was really high level,” said Westbury Middle School Vice Principal Christy Baralis. “The fact that they were able to build and program a robot is in itself an amazing feat.”

Technology teacher Bill Gray noted that the challenge incorporated a lot of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

“The competition is just the icing on the cake,” Gray said. “Whether you win or lose, it doesn’t matter as much as being in it and learning about it.”

By Betsy Abraham

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