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Westbury’s downtown revitalization is well underway and the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the martini glass.

Post Ave. recently welcomed the addition of His and Hers Bar and Lounge. More than just a place for people to enjoy a drink in a relaxed atmosphere, the new lounge is a sign of Westbury’s steadily developing social scene, embodying the village’s plan to revitalize the downtown with new businesses, more culture and a vibrant nightlife.

Miriam Hernandez in front of His and Hers

“This is going to be perfect with the downtown revitalization,” said lounge owner Miriam Hernandez. “And maybe people will get ideas to open similar places in the neighborhood. We need a nightlife here in Westbury, which we really don’t have right now.”

Hernandez says she loves going out with her friends to lounges to enjoy drinks. The Westbury resident noticed that the local lounge scene was lacking and her husband Carlos encouraged her to open her own.

“There’s nothing like that in Westbury or around here. I wanted to bring something really trendy to the area,” said Hernandez, who also owns Hernandez Agency on Maple Ave.

The lounge’s name originated from Hernandez’s desire for the location to be a hotspot for both genders. The intimate, dimly lit lounge provides an atmosphere that is friendly for both a group of guys wanting to watch a sports game on one of the TVs by the bar, or ladies who want to share the latest gossip over a martini or glass of wine in the back.

His and Hers sits on prime real estate across from the Space at Westbury and Avanti, and Hernandez says the lounge has already attracted people from both locations. But it’s not just out-of-towners looking for a fun night out; patrons can also expect to see familiar faces at the lounge.

“Most people are locals and it’s been totally multicultural. We’re seeing all types of ethnicities and ages. It’s been really good,” says Hernandez.

Opening up any type of nightlife establishment usually comes with its share of safety concerns and Hernandez says while they do plan to have a bouncer once it gets busier, His and Hers isn’t the type of place to attract unruly guests.

“It’s going to be a more upscale place, so I don’t think we’re going to have issues of fights or anything,” she says. “This is place for anyone who likes to go out and have a drink and be at peace. We want to keep it very clean and classy.”

The only other lounge in Westbury is Chi however Hernandez says that the atmosphere at His and Hers is more laid-back and focuses more on drinks than food. You won’t find yourself spending a whole paycheck on an evening out at His and Hers either.

“We want the locals to come and if the locals are anything like me, they all work for a living. So the prices are very reasonable,” Hernandez says.

In the months to come, Hernandez is hoping to build a kitchen to expand the menu to include diverse tapas dishes and also add on outside seating. She would also love to host karaoke nights and other events.

“These are only the first stages,” said Hernandez. “But I have a good feeling this is going to do really well.”

The lounge will have an official grand opening in the weeks ahead, but is currently open from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. everyday but Monday. His and Hers Bar and Lounge is located at 259 Post Avenue. For more information call 516-385-3335.

By Betsy Abraham

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