Anything Goes At Carle Place

Anything Goes

“It’s a tremendous amount of work,” she said. “But we all work together. My staff is made up of phenomenal people that do phenomenal things and the kids. They are so much fun to work with and they are so polite. Most importantly, they are kind and they are kind to each other.”

And it seems as though the cast agrees with her.

“This is such a great group,” said Katie Schaefer, who played the angel Patience. “It’s so great because everyone just comes together and all of them are great kids. It’s just an amazing experience.”

Tommy Scardino, played “Billy,” in the play.

“The best part about being in the play is definitely the whole vibe,” said Scardino. “It’s all about the people and the friends you make. They are the nicest people you will ever meet.”

Football player Diego Portillo showed another side to himself as he played “Moonface Martin” in the production. He explained that being in the play allowed him to meet other people he wouldn’t normally encounter. “You end up getting so close to the people that you are with. It’s a nice feeling,” Portillo said.

This play is especially special for senior Jillian Mannarino who portrayed “Bonnie.” She said that when she was younger, her parents took her to a high school play and she said, “Mom, I want to be that girl on stage.” And this year, she is. “Some person that I didn’t even know influenced me so much and now, who knows, I could be that girl to another person. It’s an incredible honor,” she said.

However, there was a bittersweet moment for the group, when the curtain closed on Saturday night and the seniors had to say goodbye to the theater program that they know and love.

“Being with this group has been the best and I have enjoyed every single person. They are like my family,” said Anthony Kellerman, who played “Sir Evelyn Oakleigh.”

Russo concluded, “It’s always hard when the seniors leave. On one hand, it’s heartbreaking because I adore the kids, but on the other hand, it’s time for them to move on. They will all do great things.”

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